Sunday, June 03, 2012

Les Miserables
Another Broadway hit I'd never seen. When I saw it was at the Segerstrom Center I was excited and really wanted to see it. My mom say it in NY years ago so I asked my friend Candy to join me. She was a Les Mis virgin as well so we were ready. We decided to get dinner at Mortons which is literally a 2 min drive to the theater. Perfect. As it turns out, between Father's Day and our anniversary dinners I'd eaten my annual allotment of steak so I went with a surf and turf spare rib and scallop combo and we shared a side of creamed spinach... OMG! It was delish. Of course I think I could have easily made a meal out of their bread only. It was this amazing giant onion loaf. I think it might be the best bread I've eaten in my entire life. Dessert (yes, don't judge me, Candy likes dessert ;-) was a chocolate souffle. Fantastic!!!

After we stuffed ourselves silly with rich food we headed off to the play. I've never been to the Segerstrom for a show. Its a beautiful theater. I was a bit nervous about our seats which were in the front row. I've never sat in the front row before but when I bought them the choice was front row or very, very back of orchestra. As it turned out, our seats were awesome! It was so neat to be so close to the stage and really be able to see the detail of the costumes and the facial expressions. The only drawback was that we were so close we could actually see the microphone headsets they were wearing which was a bit distracting but, overall, I think a fair trade off.

The show itself was great! Probably most people are familiar with the story of Jean Valjean who, after serving 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving nephew, searches for peace and redemption. Its an amazing musical and the production was wonderful. The sets, the performances, everything was so good. Its now on my short list of fav shows. It's not as good as Phantom, but it was close :-)

That thing on the plate in front of us is the souffle... yikes!
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