Friday, June 01, 2012

The Joys of Georgiana: Georgiana is kind
I wrote already that I attended a mother's day tea with G at her school last friday. It was a lovely day. I was surprised when the "young 3 yr old" class teacher, Mrs Hood, came up to me as I was leaving and handed me a picture in a little hand crafted frame. It was a photo of G holding hands with a little tiny girl who joined the school just a month or so ago. Mrs Hood went on to explain that the reason she took the picture was because Georgie is always so kind to the younger kids in her class. She said she's very gentle and kind to them and so the little ones really like her and she was happy to have been able to capture that in a photo. Ahh, so sweet.

She went on to explain that there is a little boy in the 3 yr old class, T, who although he's been in the school since September has had a hard time getting along socially. Because of that many of the children didn't want to play with him and he often ended up playing by himself. This did not surprise me. G had mentioned a few times throughout the year that T had a hard time, would sometimes hit the other kids and was kind of "mean". And I'd noticed a couple of times his general unruliness at school activities but honestly I never thought too much about it.  Growing socially is one of the things kids are supposed to do in preschool.

Mrs Hood said that she wasn't really sure what had led up to it if anything but, that about a month before, G seemed to take an interest in T. She started going over and talking to him a bit as he played by himself and eventually, in true Georgie style, grabbed his little hand. Mrs Hood said that at first T seemed a bit confused by G's actions but he warmed up to it really quickly and actually responded to G kindly in turn. I guess that after G started playing with him, some of the other kids joined in and T is now getting along much, much better. She then took my hand and said "you know, your daughter is a very special gir. She has a very kind heart and a gentle spirit."

I almost cried. Ok, I admit it, I actually did cry a little. Best. Mother's Day Gift. Ever.

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