Saturday, March 03, 2012

Vacation Day 7: Grand Cayman
We were here a couple years ago and had done the stingrays, turtles and an island tour. I love the stingrays and would highly suggest that anyone interested do this excursion while in GC. They are fascinating and the boat ride is very nice. But, like I said, we’d seen the GC stingrays in 9/2010 and we’d just seen the stingrays again in Antigua a few mos ago so we thought that was probably enough stingrays for awhile. Instead, we did a beach day. GC is famous for 7 Mile Beach (which I guess isn’t actually 7 miles long but instead like 5.5 but whatever) so that seemed like a good choice.

The ship arrived in port at 7am but we decided to have a relaxing morning instead of rushing off the ship. We slept in, got ready, went down and had some breakfast and caught the tender at about 10am. By the time we made it to the beach it was about 11am. We decided to go to the public area of the beach but it may have been a mistake. There were 4 ships in port that day (NCL, Disney, Celebrity and us) and wow was the beach packed. We rented one chair so we’d have someplace to park our stuff then wandered down the beach to an area filled with empty chairs that were reserved for a Disney cruise excursion. We hung out there and when the Disney people showed up we actually used one of their chairs for awhile. No one seemed to notice or care until we were just about ready to leave and the guy came and asked us for our wristband. We played dumb, said sorry and went on our way :-) Meanwhile G had a blast playing in the water and digging in the sand. That girl loves the beach!!! She screams and giggles and digs! It makes me very happy to watch her having so much fun.

Once we were beached out we headed back to the port area. We did a very small amount of shopping (thimble, xmas ornament, a stingray pendant made from caymanite for me) and then caught the last tender back to the ship.

By the time we got back to the ship it was late afternoon but we were starved so we grabbed a bite to eat at the buffet then headed to the room for shower and nap. Unfortunately, by the time G and Bobby woke up, dinner time had passed so we ended up grabbing something small from the buffet for dinner. Note: in contrast to lunch and breakfast (when you frustratingly can hardly find a table at which to sit) there were basically no people at the buffet for dinner. On one hand this was nice as we were able to enjoy a quiet meal with just the three of us. On the other hand, because just about everyone seems to eat in the dining room, there is no real effort put into the buffet. The food was kind of eh and of a very limited variety.

G was dying to go to the kids club so we said ok, dropped her off, and caught the early show. It was a singer, Marcus Anthony, who did Motown stuff. It was enjoyable and I learned a new term “dinkydo” that has now permanently found its way into my vocabulary. By that time we decided to pick G up so we could get her to bed at a halfway reasonable hour. This did create some tears from G who did not enjoy having her kids club time shortened. That kid is a bit kids club crazy if you ask me :-)

This is G's mermaid pose:
She takes her sand digging VERY seriouslyThis is Bobby trespassing on the Disney chair

Tomorrow: Cozumel...

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