Tuesday, January 31, 2012

LA Woman Weekend, Part 2: Belle Day!
How we ended up having two activities in LA in the same weekend, I do not know. It was bad planning on my part. But we certainly weren't going to let a little bad planning ruin our weekend. G loved her Belle dress and especially loved her little purse and gloves.
Our day started with breakfast with Belle. She was a very sweet Belle and G really liked her.
They spent some time discussing their accessories...

Then it was time to eat! As usual G went with the Mickey waffle

After breakfast we had some time to kill so we looked around in the gift shops and made our way to the giant Shrek in front of the wax museum. G always asks to have her picture taken here.

Then it was storytime with Belle. I had my doubts about how much G would like it but shouldn't have. It was super cute. The basement area was decorated to look like a library. Very well done actually. They had snacks and some coloring activities. Of course G was thrilled by both! Then Belle came out and told "her" story. She was very engaging with the kids and G was very into it. Fun!

Finally, after a very full morning of Belle stuff, it was time for the movie. Beauty has always been my favorite of the Disney movies. Belle is tough and smart, a great combo imo. Putting it into 3d just made it better. Plus, before the movie they did a Tangled short that was hilarious!

G loved the movie. She did get a bit tired in the middle --it had been a long day and a long weekend -- but rallied toward the end. Even though it was a very tiring weekend it was worth it.

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