Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who could say no to Kermit and Piggy? G had little to no idea as to who these "muppet" things were but I knew. Plus any movie starring Jason Segal can't be all bad, right? Not surprisingly we found ourselves right back in Hollyweird at the El Capitan theater for the show and muppet party afterward. I do love that theater.They almost always have these cute little things set up so you can take pix if you want.
Before the show, they had a short Christmas sing-a-long starring Kermit, Piggy and some guy interacting with them. It was cute and G really liked it. When they were done singing they dropped snow from the ceiling. G was in heaven. I wish I could have caught a picture of the look on her face... it was one of pure joy. Oh well, mental image will have to do.

The movie itself is really cute! Although G enjoyed the movie, I think I enjoyed it more. A lot of the humor went over G's head and, of course, the cameos by all the stars meant nothing to her. Between the movie and the party, we had time to check out some of the props, costumes and sets that were used in the movie. They had several of Miss Piggy's costume dresses. G in her normal girly girl style was infactuated with the Piggy's ultra high heeled shoes. So funny!

Always have to get one of these... G loves this mickey.

The muppet party was cute. They did muppet trivia (we were not good at this) and had one of the muppeteers from the movie do a bit about how to make a puppet talk and look realistic which was really rather informative. We had finger sandwiches, fruit and G's favorite part: cupcake decorating!!!!

G was super proud of her creation the look of which she enjoyed for about 10 secs before she decided it was time to move on to eating!

Cupcakes and diet coke, oh yeah!

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