Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sea Day
One of the nice things about being in a ship cabin is how dark the room is. G is like a rooster. She pretty much crows at first light. But when it’s dark, she sleeps in. Yeah! We got a slow start on the day. G started on one of her crafts I brought her and did a puzzle. I sat on the balcony and looked at the clouds roll by. We had a late breakfast, sitting in the kids section. It’s pretty cute with little tables and its own little buffet table. Then we went to a meet and greet for the cruise critic people. I’m not too chummy while on vacation. I just don’t usually have much interest in really getting to know others. But I’d organized a few excursions with some of the people from the online group and wanted to make sure everybody knew where to go.

After that, we hit the Blue Lagoon which offers 24 hr a day appetizers like buffalo wings and fries. Yum! By then it was definitely nap time. I could have used one also but decided to go to the ship’s library while she slept and grab her a few more books. This ship has by far the best library of any ship we’ve ever been on --super nice selection. Anywho, after that it was time to hit a cupcake decorating thing G’d been excited about attending. It was less about decorating than it was about eating the frosting but G didn’t care. She loves frosting!

Amazingly, by then it was time for us to get ready for dinner (I do believe we ate all day long). NCL’s concept is “freestyle cruising”. That means instead of having “formal night” they have “dress up, or not” night. We chose to dress up. At home we’re super casual so it’s fun for us and G likes it. I guess it makes the evening sort of special. We did some pix and then had dinner in the main dining room. The room is gorgeous. The food is really just so, so. G had pizza and fruit, Bobby had some kind of steak he said was good and I went with starters: broccoli soup, wild mushroom quesadilla and salmon tartare. The starters are very small servings so three of them ends up being a nice meal. We tried apple cinnamon pie for dessert but we were not at all impressed and skipped it after one bite.

By then G was chomping at the bit about going to the kids club… she’d been promised face painting by one of the counselors and she was letting that go. We dropped her off and decided to go get the dessert we didn’t have at dinner. It was nice and weird to walk around the ship sans G. After an hour, we were done being without G and went to pick her up. She couldn’t figure out why we were back so soon but still left willingly. Uh oh, I think my baby’s growing up!

G and Bobby at lunch. But really its a picture of the ceiling behind them... I thought it was so pretty.
They had a cupcake decorating activity that G loved. She was her normal particular self.
The creation!

Trying to keep it away from the Daddy monster

Tomorrow: Samana, Dominican Republic

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