Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sea Day #2
I generally dislike sea days. I find them boring. If G was a little older maybe they’d be better. Maybe I’d lie by the pool or even play some bingo. That doesn’t really work with a 3 yr old that well. Like the other trips we’ve been on the offerings for families are limited. G would have been happy to spend the day in the kids club. I guess a lot of people do that but I don’t like leaving her there for too long. Anywho, our sea days ended up being very relaxing. Late wake up, sitting on the balcony, breakfast, walk around the ship, little snack, long afternoon nap, more sitting on the balcony watching the waves go by, etc. It was super quiet and lazy but in a good way.

Even though NCL is “freestyle” cruising they do have a formal night. They call it “dress up or not” night. Most people choose to dress up. We decided to have our own little second formal night on the second sea day. As it turned out a lot of other people had the same idea.

We got dressed up which included a tiara for G. She really loves that little tiara and asked to wear it almost every day. G really loves to dress up and kept telling me that we needed to get “dressed for the ball”. So cute! She was also excited because they were having a pirate and princess theme at the kids club that night. Unfortunately that excitement really seemed to get hold of G that night and she was such a booger at dinner that we finally just left mid entrée. She couldn’t seem to sit still to save her life and my continual reminders to do so–along with the painfully slow service and crappy food --were not making for a pleasant meal. Even while we were doing our family pix a few minutes later (which is something she normally loves) she was so antsy it was driving me bonkers. Eeek! All she wanted to do was get to that kids club. OMG!

Truthfully, she wasn’t really that bad. I think the problem is that normally she’s incredibly well behaved, almost Stepford maturity for a 3 yr old, that when she has her normal 3 yr old moments I’m completely baffled. It’s one of those “stop acting your age” kind of things :-) Anyway, G went to kids club and Bobby and I went to the show. It was a stand-up comedy thing done by the cruise director. I’d rate it as kind of funny. After that we caught a late snack to make up for our missed dinner and picked G up around 9:00. I was crashed out by 10pm. Bobby jokes that cruising exhausts me. In a way he’s kind of right. I don’t know if it’s the movement of the ship, the weather, the general relaxed atmosphere or what but I do sleep a LOT on the ship when I have time.

I think I dozed off a bit while looking at the ocean...its mesmerizing.
No pix of our lazy day at sea but here's one of Bobby and his little princess after we picked her up from kid's club that night. She was super tired.

This is a few of our professional pix from that night. Its hard to believe that any of them came out any good. G was so squirrely while they were taking them.

Ahhh, so cute!

Our official second formal night photo.

Tomorrow: Final sea day...

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