Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Halloween time at Disney
I'd never been to Disney at Halloween time. Wow! Super fun decorations and lots of slightly spooky stuff. We got lucky and ended up there on a pretty quiet day. Short lines, yeah! Bobby had the day off so he was able to join us. Yeah again!

Here's our official day at Disney photo. Just a bit of fall decoration in this part of the park. The day marked a really big first for Georgie. The last few times we've been to Disney, G's been taking some long looks at the Matterhorn and has mentioned a few times that she wants to ride "that one mama!" She's still a bit frightened by the Toontown coaster which is much smaller and more mild so each time she'd ask I'd tell her maybe next time. But, apparantly the time had come because she was quite insistent this time. As soon as we came around the corner from the fairies (G's number 1 favorite place) she caught sight of that giant mountain and said "Mama, I want to ride Unicorn!!" I was a confused for only a second... unicorn, that's a good one! After asking her if she was sure, I said ok and off we went to wait in line. We told her it was going to be fast and I explained about the abominable snowman and she still wanted to do it. As we waited in line I thought she might change her mind but she didn't. She chose to sit with mommy and off we went. I think she screamed but it was kind of hard to hear. I spent the ride holding onto her as tightly as I could in hopes of preventing her little body from slamming into the sides of the car. That ride was a lot more rough than I remember.

Once we got off the ride we asked G "was it fun?" .... "no" ... "were you scared?" ... "yes"... "do you want to ride it again?" ... "no"

But then, a few hours later, I asked her what was her favorite thing we'd done so far that day. Without hesitation she said "the snowman coaster". So I asked her if she wanted to ride it again and she said "No, I just wanted to give it a try." So cute!

Here are Bobby and G waiting to get on the "Unicorn"And with mommy after conquering the mountain!
Because its Halloween time they have a villian meet and greet set up. Georgie was happy to meet the queen. She told her she was her favorite and she was going to be the Red Queen for Halloween. The queen was so funny. She spent a lot of time interacting with Georgie. I think its because most really little kids don't really like the villains but G loves them! Later, the queen got down in Georgie's face playfully trying to intimidate her. No way, didn't work on my girl. She just crossed her arms and gave it right back to her. So, so funny! Even the photopass people were cracking up. Next was Jafar. After they took her picture she turned, shook her finger at him and said "you should be nice to Jasmine!" Haha! Georgie really enjoys her character interactions.Off to Toontown we went. As usual G could spend her life in this area of the park. I think Bobby was amazed by how fascinated she was. It is somewhat astounding how much time she can spend in Mickey and Minnie's houses. She lays on Minnie's bed each time we go. Mother daughter tea party
Georgie baking the cakeShe explained to me that this is HER birthday cake. No trip to Toontown is complete without a visit with Mickey! We caught him in his tuxedo this time. I think there's only one mickey left for us to see, Steamboat Willie.

Georgie being silly in Goofy's garden. I'm pretty sure the pumpkin is always there but its a really great prop for Halloween time. Once we left Toontown the coronation had just begun. Yeah!! More princess time. We stayed for storytime and got to hear Snow White's story this time.

We were starved but had enough time to check out all the neat Halloween stuff in the Big Thunder Mountain area. First stop Woody and Jessie. Ok, here's something odd... G is actually a bit afraid of Woody. I'm not sure why but she always has been. I'm not sure how this is possible when she shows no fear for the baddies whatsoever. Anyway, I guess since Jessie was there it made her feel more secure.

The pumpkin carving and sculpting was pretty fantastic. The Little Mermaid one was G's fav.

This is several hours later after G had taken a good long nap in the stroller while we had a bite to eat. What a great day!

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