Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boo At the Zoo
Friends Paula and Sophie joined us at the LA Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Super fun! The zoo has a few trick or treat stations where they pass out candy and there were lots of little ones in costumes but otherwise it was a pretty typical day at the zoo. Fortunately, with the zoo membership we were able to get in early when it was less crowded. What the means is that at 8:15 am I was standing in line in front of the zoo. Eeek. It was early.

G enjoyed collecting (and eating) the candy and playing with Sophie. I enjoyed seeing the animals. I don't know if it was the weather or what but the animals were so much more active than usual. The black bears were wandering, the jaguar pacing, the tiger played with a ball int he water. Even the koalas were moving around! Before we knew it we'd been at the zoo for 7 hrs! I was exhausted. G wanted to stay longer :-)

Sophie and G in the pumpkin patch. G was stoked to have a chance to wear her costume. She loves that costume.
I thought these masks were really neat
We've been to the zoo now 3-4 times in the last few mos. I knew there was a train there somewhere but we'd never found it. We were bound and determined to find it and we finally did. Truthfully it wasn't that exciting but G and Sophie thought it was great!

The LA Zoo recently opened their brand new $2.5 million carousel. Its really beautiful. G chose to ride the zebra for her first go round.

Apparantly a Puss in Boots movie is coming out. To promote the movie they had two of the movie characters there for pix. G always loves a character!

We always stop by to look at the meerkats.

The last stop of the day was a hands on exhibit featuring hissing cockroaches. G enjoyed petting them but passed on having it sit on her hand. Yeah, can't say I blame her much. Little goof.

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