Monday, April 04, 2011

Sea Day/Navigation Bridge Tour On the first or second day of the cruise we got a note saying that we’d been invited to do a navigation bridge tour on a sea day and that we’d be provided with the details soon. The first sea day came and went with nothing so I finally called and was told that they had forgotten to send the follow up invites but we’d go the next sea day. Sure enough our invitation arrived. I was super excited because I’d always wanted to see what the navigation bridge looked like. On this particular ship, it seemed that they only offered the tour to about 250-300 people –about 10% of the passengers onboard.

There wasn’t too much to it. The whole thing lasted about 20 mins. But, it was neat to go up there and see where the ship is captained. I was surprised by how empty the navigation bridge was. The view from up there was fantastic!!!

The rest of the day was spent packing and getting things together to disembark the following morning. Packing up to go home is always my least favorite part of traveling. I generally despise packing and I never really want to go home so it’s a double whammy.

We did more eating on the last day than any other. We did a super small breakfast then snacked off and on the rest of the day. We tried a few things we hadn’t gotten to like the sushi. It was good not great but the miso soup was awesome! Dinner was interesting. I had a lobster ravioli served with spinach and a spicy crayfish sauce (I guess that’s how they use all the leftover lobster!) then Argentinean steak churrasco. Bobby didn’t care for it but I thought it was tasty. Desert was warm chocolate melting cake. Celebrity definitely stole the idea from Carnival but didn’t do it as well.

After that we went to the show which was a combination of the last three performers: the comedian (again funny and this time shorter so G just drew in her book), a magician/comedian (very entertaining although I didn’t always get the magic part) and a musical group called Kimiko which was a fantastic guitarist and a singer from England who did covers from the Eagles, Tina Turner, etc combined with some very weak comedy. Overall a very nice evening!

This is our official "bridge tour" photo I was surprised by how empty it was. I guess they need a good view. My little cutie! Not a great pic of G of course but you get a sense of how pretty the view was from up thereG with the crew member who did our tour. I think he was a second engineer or something. He was greek I think and had gone to school specifically to obtain a degree in nautical engineering. I've never heard of that type of educational program in the US other than at a military school. G loved those stairs! Eating sushi! Again, the buffet dining room area was completely empty. I never could figure out where everyone was??? Mostly she just eats the rice but she loves miso soup Tomorrow: home :-(

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