Saturday, April 02, 2011

Beautiful Barbados I woke up and was a bit disappointed to find that the sky was pretty cloudy. We had a snorkeling day planned and, if you’re a snorkeler, you know that bright sunlight is always best for that activity. We booked an excursion using an outfit called Silver Moon. The reviews on Tripadvisor and cruise critic were nothing short of stellar and, I’m happy to say, they certainly lived up to my expectations!

We were on a large, immaculately clean catamaran. From the moment we boarded until the moment we disembarked it was first class all the way. Really, this is probably how celebrities feel every day. We were given warm banana bread in the morning, served a wonderful lunch with salads, grilled chicken and fried flying fish. Yes, you read that right, flying fish!!!

We sailed to a few snorkeling spots where we saw lots of turtles and fish and two shipwrecks. G loved it! The crew was great and the guy who helped us out in the water was particularly helpful with G and spent lots of time playing with her and helping her find “Nemo” in the water. He was pretty impressed by the snorkeling raft we have for her and said he’d never seen one like it. I agree it’s a total lifesaver and affords her a great view of the fish –possibly better than some of us are getting with our snorkels and masks because there’s no fogging issue.

After the cat trip, we did a bit of shopping at the stores by the terminal –the usual hat for Bobby, thimble for me plus I found a really pretty silver and larimar (a bluish green stone native to the Caribbean) turtle pendant which will be a great remembrance of an awesome day!

On to the food! I’m happy to say that after kind of a slow start its gotten better. For dinner I had two starters: a really tasty tomato and crostini and a just so so egg rolls. I followed it up with a chicken cordon bleu that was served with a most delicious grilled squash medley and a totally forgettable and unnecessary deep fried risotto. G had her shrimp and then a four cheese pasta with broccoli. For dessert, Bobby and I doubled down: passion fruit cheesecake and some chocolate thing. The chocolate thing was fantastic but the cheesecake only rated a bite. I thought G’s eyes were going to pop out of her head when they brought her dessert. It was an enormous banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream, marshmallows and nuts!!! I let her have at it for a few minutes then had to ask the waiter to take it away.

This is G on the front of the cat. She loved sitting there. From this small experience, I can see why people love to sail so much. Its so pleasant and calming. The turtles were so close! It was great. These pix would have turned out great if we would have had just a bit of sun. Oh well.

G at dinner. Do you see the size of that banana split??? Oh my gosh!
These are our after dinner pix. G loves posing.

Now that G learned how to curtsy in her dance class. She practiced this skill quite a bit during picture time. What a goof :-)
Next stop St Vincent!

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