Friday, December 10, 2010

Yesterday morning with Georgie
G: Doing her usual dancing to the music in her mind.

Me: Smiling.

G: Are you happy mama?

Me: Yes, I'm happy.

G: Why are you happy?

Me: It makes me happy to see you dance.

G: I like to make people happy.

Me: You do? That's nice. How do you make people happy?

G: I dance and sing.

Me: That's a good way to make people happy. How else do you make people happy?

G: I share my toys with my friends.

Me: That's really nice. I bet that makes them very happy.

G: And I use my nice words.

Me: I like when you use your nice words.

G: Everybody likes me mama. I'm a nice girl.

Me: Yes you are, sweet face. Yes you are.

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