Monday, December 20, 2010

Nutty for the Nutcracker
To round out our holiday activities, we caught a performance of the Nutcracker ballet. Just the girls this time... G, my mom and me! As usual, I was a little worried that G wouldn't be into it-- its 2 hrs with a 20 min intermission. It didn't help that the show started at 2pm. G takes her nap every single day from about 1 or 1:30 until about 3 or 3:30 like clockwork. In preparation we had a quiet morning and I asked her to close her eyes and rest on the 25 min drive. This resulted in about 20 mins of rest. OK, good enough, lets go!

As it turned out, she did great! She loved the first half. She was actually a bit mesmerized in parts. At the intermission we went for a walk and she was so funny doing her own little interpretation of ballet moves with her arms and twirls on the way to the bathroom. So funny. We got several "wow! she's a natural little dancer" type comments. After intermission she did start to get a bit tired so she laid her head down on my shoulder for awhile which was fine. She did particularly enjoy a bit they did with a chinese dragon (super impressive really) and the little gum drop children (little girls and boys maybe 4-6 yrs old, adorable!!!) The performance itself was very professionally done with beautiful costumes and sets. And it doesn't hurt that it was in Bridges Auditorium which I think is so pretty.

After the ballet they had some of the dancers come out and sign autographs and take photos with the kids. G loved that part!

All in all a really nice afternoon. An annual trip to see the Nutcracker just might become one of our Christmas traditions!

With some of the gum drops

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Tanya said...

So cute! Love the pictures, especially the one of G. next to the Nutcracker.