Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A series of unfortunate events...
Ugh. You ever know you're going to have one of those days, the day before the actual day in question?

So, anyway... Casey calls last night. As soon as I saw his name pop up on the caller ID I knew something was wrong. He fell skateboarding and hurt his foot. He didn't think it was broken but he couldn't walk and had to be carried to his room. Apparantly he's gotten "really good at skateboarding" uhhh, yeah, that's why you fell, right??? OK, just kidding. Anyone can fall. It was late and he thought he might be feeling better so I told him I'd call him at 6:15 in the morning and if he still felt bad, I'd take him to the ER to make sure nothing was broken.

Of course, I couldn't sleep and started waking up around 5 am and then again every 5 mins until 6:15. I called, he didn't answer. I called, he didn't answer. Finally I get ahold of him and he says he thinks he needs to go. OK, there starts the day. from. hell.

I get there to pick him up and the security guy, James, tells us he's having a wheelchair brought around. I thought "oh my gosh, how helpful." We wait, and wait, and wait, nearly 30 mins. Finally security guard James comes walking by and says "sorry" can't help us, his supervisor said he couldn't and I need to go talk to someone else. So, I walk 10 mins through the campus to talk to his "supervisor" who turns out to be a couple of students behind a counter. Yeah, they can't help me either but are ever so helpful (NOT!!) and tell me I can go talk to another guy parked in a student services van across the way. Yeah, he couldn't help me either. Back to counter girls I go who still can't help me but provide me with a map to the building I need to go to to get the wheelchair myself. I'm pretty sure this is where I started swearing at people.

OK. So, now armed with my trusty map, I hike back to the car and drive 5 mins or so to the other side of the campus and park in Lot B like I'd been told. I hop out and walk 10 mins in search of the freaking building where they supposedly house the wheelchairs. I make it, check out a wheelchair (with just a signature BTW, which was weird in and of itself), roll the wheelchair 10 mins back to the car and then began considering "how the hell am I going to get this freaking wheelchair in my car???" First of all, its heavy as hell, second, its huge! So I pop the trunk and began unloading all my assorted crappola (stroller, blankets, a folding chair) into the back of the car, fold up the huge chair and eventually am able to maneuver it into my trunk. I jump in the car finally feeling pretty good about things and notice, I GOT A FREAKING PARKING TICKET!!!

Now I'm really pissed. Egads.

I drove back to the other side of the campus, hoisted the heavy-ass wheelchair out of the trunk and finally was able to pick up Casey. Fantastic, success!!!

Off we go to the ER where things actually improved. Things went relatively quickly (2 hours), xray came back OK, no break and away we went with a RX for some pain meds and a brand new pair of crutches.

Lets just say it was a LONG day and it didn't end there. I still had to go to work. Can you spell e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d?

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