Sunday, February 01, 2009

G loves animals. We've been toying with the idea of taking her to the San Diego Zoo but its so big we decided to try a small zoo first. About 45 mins away is the Santa Ana Zoo, its pretty small but it was a good size for G. She walked most of it herself. Interestingly, her favorite animals were probably the ducks, turkeys, and roosters she saw in the farm section. We actually had to tear her away from the ducks after we just couldn't look at them anymore! We picked up some mexican food at a well known place in Corona we'd just never gotten around to trying, Miguel's. It was good.

G was so tired from her big day at the zoo she slept about 12.5 hours straight but woke up happy as can be!

Here are some pix of my beautiful girl!


G love to find little things on the ground. This is her with some sort of pod that fell from a tree. She investigated it from every angle for about 10 mins. She is a very curious girl!


This is one of my all time favorite pix of G!


Peanut Shell said...

Hmm... If I find my free SD Zoo tickets, I'll give them to you (we're members). I think I told the office I would drop by for lunch on Tues, but I forgot that I'm going to SF on vacation... Ooops!

amy said...

She is beautiful. SOunds like a fun day!