Saturday, December 06, 2008

Georgie Day: part 1
We got up this morning later than usual --we've really adjusted to the time change now. Off we went to the breakfast buffet. Truthfully, its not very good. The restaurant is smoky smelling even when no one is smoking. The food could be much better. But, we were definitely able to find some things that tasted OK like hardboiled eggs, banana bread (actually really yummy!!), and the bacon was surprisingly good. Unfortunately the chinese items weren't good at all which is such a bummer because I really like chinese food. Anyway, we can definitely tolerate it for the rest of the week but, seriously, it seems like the agency should start booking families in a better hotel. There has to be a better hotel in Nanchang and it probably only costs a little more. OK, enough complaining from me :-)

Anyway, after breakfast we gave our baby carriers another try to see how those work. We have before of course but, you know, we did another trial run. Last night I ran around nesting a bit, looking through her little clothes and the few toys we brought for her. I took out one of the diapers (haven't actually seen one of those so up close in a LONG time!!) it looks so cute and little! I'm sure I won't think this in a few day but, for now, so cute!!!

Then we decided to walk around a bit. We went down to the little shops down the street. There are a few beggars--older disabled people. We found a little market that sells some food stuff but I was unable to tell what most of it was, really pretty porcelain which seemed pretty cheap to me but we'll have plenty of time for that this week, trinkets and water. I picked up a cute little puzzle of the China provinces. Bobby thought it was silly because its all in chinese but I thought it was fun!

So, here we sit. Its 2pm and we're waiting for a call from our guide Mary to let us know exactly when and where we will be receiving the babies. We were originally told it would be at the Civil Affairs building but it seems they will now be bringing them to the hotel. I guess because its Sunday the official offices are likely closed? It should be no later than about 5 pm, three hours from now. OMG!!!! I actually feel very calm. It still doesn't feel real.

Dried duck for sale in shop:

People on street:

Nanchang street scene:

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