Saturday, September 27, 2008

the bad rumor aka "the rumor which will not be named" has now been replaced with a new rumor... a good one!!!! Supposedly, referrals will be normal (you know, the new crappy normal of a few days but whatever). And, to add to the excitement, a member of my RQ feb group posted that her agency has informed that 2 packages have left CCAA en route to her agency!!! One of them must be referrals!!! That means that referrals could start arriving as soon as MONDAY!!! OMG!!! Of course, it could be Tuesday.
To think that at this moment we have likely been matched with the little person who will become our child. More than likely, we have a child, we just don't know who she is yet. Isn't that weird??
I'm so excited and nervous I can hardly contain myself!


Lisa and Tate said...

SO very exciting right now... you more than likely will be seeing your gal's face in just a few days!!! Oh how I hope the weekend would be over so we will know what the CC*A has been up to this month!


"M" said...

I so hope Monday is your day! Can't wait to share the excitement with you.

Stephe said...

A friend of mine 2/13/06 just got the call....hold on........