Tuesday, February 05, 2008

They started coming in on 2/3/08 it seems. The official cut-off was known a few days later when the internal CCAA box was apparantly updated. CCAA used to do this on their web page but pulled it last month. There's been lots of speculation about the reasons that CCAA no longer posts this info but no one knows for sure. CCAA works in mysterious ways sometimes. Anyway, for now, I don't think the "no box" thing is that big a deal.

They did 8 days of referrals. Not bad. Combined with last month's truly horrendously small referral batch it comes out to 2 rather small batches. Apparantly, 12/20 was a big log in day, lots of families. Some, including myself, believe that CCAA probably didn't have enough baby dossiers to match all of 12/20. They may have had enough to complete most of the day. In the past, CCAA has not done a partial day. So, it is possible that they had to wait until the Feb referrals to finish up 12/20. It seems logical. Anyway, there are now 48 lids ahead of ours. The one piece of good news is that during Chinese New Year (CNY) CCAA closes so there are no families logged in on those days. In 2006 CCAA was closed from 1/31/06-2/5/06 (I'm pretty sure) so 7 days, no lids. That means we only really have 41 lids ahead of us that have people logged in on them. Generally, CCAA logs in M-F but there are usually a few families lid on the weekends as well.

So, if they do an average of 7 lids per mo (which is about what they're averaging) we would receive our referral in 6 mos which would mean Aug. No one knows for sure, they could speed up, they could slow down, they could stop adoptions for awhile during the Olympics, they could stop all together. Anything is possible. Bobby and I have talked about it and decided that if this works out for us WONDERFUL! It will be a dream come true! If not, we won't be pursuing any more options. I just wouldn't be able to do it again. The uncertainty and pain of the process will be completely worth it if it works out for us. But, if it doesn't, we will not put ourselves through the emotional roller coaster again. For now, I am cautiously hopeful.

Now, the good news... the new families from this last group. So, so beautiful.

Adoption & Fire
Stafeil Family
Over the Moon to Home
Chasing China Dreams
The Blended MCDS
Harper Lee Wieland
Waiting for Violet Cassandra
Our Lil Livvy
Sophia Emerle
Adopting Hannah
One World One Love
Waiting for Eliza
The Harrells
Journey to Leila Grace
Arturo and Olga

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Mike and Rhonda said...

I read your comment on RQ! I agree with your predictions. I believe we will continue to see worst case scenarios because there will continue to be a reduction in referrals. It is a trend that we have been seeing but nobody wants to believe.